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  • John, thanks again for your feedback. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. Based upon your responses, the “acf/save_post” action does not respond to WordPress post creations/updates. Frankly, the ACF documentation is a bit confusing. I suppose its purpose is to enable one to update the relevant WordPress metadata table, among other WordPress metadata-specific tasks, whether updating the “standard” WP metadata tables or user-defined WP metadata tables.

    Is this an accurate statement?

    The detailed post I provided in this thread traces through a series of ACF-specific function calls that lead to WP metadata table row additions/modifications/deletions. For example, one such trace extends to the “meta.php” file contained in the WordPress “wp-includes” directory.

    So, if the “acf/save_post” action is solely used to update a post’s metadata, for instance, metadata created via ACF, and if I want both to update a post’s metadata via a post editor window AND update the post itself, how best would I do so?

    Thank you.