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    Hi John, I initially used the ‘Dynamically populate a select field’s choices’ you mentioned above, I have updated the code I had, changing all instances of ‘load_field’ to ‘prepare_field’.

    Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

    Here is my code:

      // the following pulls in content from an options page into a select field, see here:
      function acf_prepare_product_field_choices( $field ) {
        // reset choices
        $sub_field['products'] = array();
        // if has rows
        if( have_rows('product', 'option') ) {
            // while has rows
            while( have_rows('product', 'option') ) {
                // instantiate row
                // vars
                $value = get_sub_field('application_rate');
    			$label = get_sub_field('title');
    			$ar = get_sub_field('application_rate');
                // append to choices
                $sub_field['products'][ $value ] = $label;
        // return the field
        return $field;
    add_filter('acf/prepare_field/name=products', 'acf_prepare_product_field_choices');

    I thought that changing ‘load_field’ to ‘prepare_field’ might do it, no such joy. I’m guessing I’ve done something wrong along the way?