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  • I am not exactly clear on the relationships but I gather that it’s something like
    Post Type 1 <> Post Type 2 <> Post Type 3
    and you want to show either Post Type 1 on Post Type 3 or vice versa.

    To eliminate a lot of extra querying, the first thing I would do is to make these relationships bidirectional. This can be done by coding, although this doc is for bidirectional relationships on the same post type, or you can use a plugin like and your can find some additional resources in my github repo

    Then instead of doing queries you just get what you need without doing all the reverse relationship queries.

    // get relationship field on current post
    $related_x = get_field('1st relatioship field name');
    foreach ($related_x as $related_x_post) {
      $related_y = get_field('2nd relationship field', $related_x_post->ID);