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  • I’m not sure if I fully grasp what you’re trying to accomplish, so I could be way off here… but, if it’s a matter of drilling down deeper and deeper, I could envision using a custom hierarchical taxonomy to do something like this. You select the parent term and it displays the possible child options, over and over.

    Something like this:
    Car Trouble
    – Engine
    — Possible Engine Issue 1
    — Possible Engine Issue 2
    – Gear Box

    …and so on.

    Again, maybe that’s a stupid idea for your use case. Regardless, by using ACF fields on the actual terms themselves, you could specify a “question” field that is associated with each term and displayed to the user.

    So for example, if the user chose “the engine”, on the next screen they would see the question associated with that term. Like “Which of the following symptoms is your engine experiencing?”, then the child terms of “Engine” are displayed.

    In any case, good luck with your project!