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  • @hube2 , John, sorry for hi-jacking the thread with this off-topic, I’m totally clueless about the issue below, and for a fact I know that if anyone is to help me figure it out, most probably that one will be you.

    So I noticed that 3-4 out of 10 times I make some edits in a post (any post) that has an ACF multi-date picker, after the post is re-published, the date picker calendar will lose its localization, until I interact somehow with it. Once I change the month, select an unselected date, or unselect a selected one, the calendar magically gets localized again. And because in my localization settings, Monday is starting the week, even that small detail gets changed as well… And ALL that is not happening every time… As I said, somehow it’s happening 3-4 times out of 10 maybe…

    In the video below, until @1:30 I published the post 3-4 times and the calendar didn’t lose its localization. Then suddenly, on @1:30, it lost it two times in a row (where you can see all things I described above). Then, at the end of the video, again it didn’t lose it after one more re-Publish…

    Any idea why this may be happening? It’s not super serious, as it’s happening in the backend, but still, I’d like to figure out why!