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  • I think you’ve missed my point.

    No, the fields do not appear in the admin because they have been moved to PHP.

    I think your conditional logic is not correct, but I cannot tell from what you’ve provided why it is incorrect.

    You are going to create a temporary field group.
    Then you are going to create a field in this group that exactly mimics the field you are referring to here

    when a choice menu selected this field should appear

    Including all of the values and settings for this field.

    Then you are going to create the field you want conditional on this field and set it up so that it works properly.

    Then you are going to export this group to php and you’re going to copy your new field into the PHP file where you want the new field to appear and you are going to alter the field key in the conditional logic of your new field to match the old field that you want the new field to be conditional on.

    Once you get all of this done and your new field is working then you will delete the temporary group that you created.