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  • @Avamposto Yeah, I’m not totally happy with this as a solution but it’s only significant in situations where a site has both the free version of ACF and the paid version of my plugin. I’m not sure how often that happens. (I suspect most site owners who are paying for my plugin either have already paid for ACF PRO, or they don’t use ACF at all, but I don’t have any data to back that up.)

    Ultimately I want to do what you’re talking about — I plan to get my admin screens entirely self-contained so I don’t need to include ACF PRO with my plugin. It’s mostly just been a matter of time. This is a side project for me and since I’m still refining some elements of the editing screen, it’s faster for me to use ACF for that than to “roll my own” editor layout. But I feel like I will be ready to make that break sometime in the next few months.

    Good luck with your project!