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  • Hi Jared,
    Thank you very much for taking the time to help me out!
    I appreciate your code too!
    In fact, I have created a taxonomy for ‘Listing-Location’ for my Custom post type, (created with CPT plugin).

    I know enough to change the slugs of your code but if you could kindly clarify, where would I place this PHP code so it displays in my section?
    On the taxonomy code, (provided within the CPT plugin interface)?
    That’s my trouble…not sure where to implement it!

    Thank you again and if it helps, I’m trying to achieve something very similar to the example

    at the section titled: ‘Explore Cities’ towards the end – they show for example Chicago: 13 properties.
    Well, I’m trying to get this dynamically to show for my locations!

    Thank you!!!