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  • Hi John, thanks for the reply.

    Is it relevant how I’m getting the field (using get_fields()) when the issue I see is in the display of the Options Page itself (regardless of how the settings are used within the website)? The options all tend to be within groups, so are accessed using get_sub_field() calling each field by name, so I don’t think there’d be any conflict there.

    The mixing up of the fields only tends to happen when I add a new field within the Theme Options page, but I don’t notice any issue until I view the Options page and configure the new field, then save. This messes up (for example) the colour schemes I have… there are lots of options of colours to set, and today (and in the past) the colour values seem to be shifted by 2 fields. (I’m not quite savvy or confident enough to edite the SQL tables to correct this, so I have to copy and paste all colour values along 2 over several tabs – doable, but a pain).

    The data mixing isn’t restricted to the colours – other options are mised too (text fields suddenly have hex values rather than titles).

    Would it be relevant that: a) the colour schemes are a ‘clone’ field; and b) as well as having a ‘Default’ colour scheme, there are cloned schemes on a repeater for pages/sections with different background colours.

    I appreciate this may be difficult to fully understand from my words… is tere any other specifc information you think I need to provide?

    Thanks John,