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  • The only thing that I can do to help you is to tell you what the data in an ACF field is, but I cannot tell you how to get this data to work in Elementor.

    Elementor bypasses ACF functions and pulls the data directly from the database. Because of that there isn’t any way for ACF to do what it needs to do to format the values correctly the way it would do when calling acf function like get_field().

    A WYSIWYG field holds content like the main content editor. Elementor would have to apply “the_content” filters to that content for get it formatted correctly.

    To use a shortcode Elementor would have to call do_shorcode() on the content of the field.

    Like I said, I can tell you the data stored in the DB for each type of field, but the only place you’re going to get an answer to how to use that data is by getting help with Elementor.