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  • It is a support forum for ACF, but it is not a support forum for Elementor.

    And while it is a support forum, the only people that will answer your questions here are other users, not the plugin author.

    ACF is a plugin whose target is coders that build by using PHP in template files.

    This is a question about how to use a value stored in an ACF field in another plugin and the best person to answer this is someone that knows how to do this, and this is not someone that you’re likely to find here. I can say this because I’m really the only person that is actively on this site every day to try to help others and I do not use Elementor to build sites. I can’t answer your question directly, but I can tell you what you are working with and point you in a direction to find your answer.

    I have seen other questions like this but I do not know how they were resolved.

    A URL field stores a text value that is the URL. An email field stores just the email address. There is nothing built into ACF that will return the values of these fields as a clickable link. The only way that it would be possible to do this would be for you to do this would be to build an acf/format_value filter for these fields. But these filters cannot be used when using Elementor, so pointing you in this direction would not have been useful.

    So you need to look at the plugin that you are using, Elementor, and find out how to use that plugin to convert these values into clickable links.