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  • Hi John Huebner,

    Thank you for your time to reply and your willingness to help!
    I’m not certain I understand why I should direct my questions to Dynamic Fields!?
    I understand that I’m using Dynamic fields sure, but, I’m using them to display ACF. If you’re not coding them yourself to display them at the front-end, (which is by itself a complex undertaking), then, you’ve got to use some other means/tool to display them right?
    My issue is that there aren’t ‘display conditions’ within the field’s menu, (when you create that particular field), to manage when you show that field, or not. I use display conditions on a ‘field group’ level to display them at the admin screen only.

    I have 2 Field Groups. Both, for the same CPT.
    One is for ‘house listings’ the other for ‘land listings’.
    How can I make both group fields show for the particular listing on an archive page?
    This archive page displays both listing taxonomies. Users can filter out which type they want to see, but on page load, both are visible to the user.
    So far, I found that I can only display one or the other, no matter what taxonomy is displayed at front-end.
    I was partly able to show particular ‘section’ of taxonomy by using the ‘Dynamic Conditions’ plugin.
    But I’d love to figure out how to really solve this problem.

    Thanks again for your time!