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  • @davenoham,
    Yes my values are saved when I press the uptdate button on theme options :

    Ok, I understand, I think your solution could work.
    I don’t have to populate my fields to pages or menu items.
    I just need to create new select fields which will correspond to classes.

    With your solution If I want to create a new color, I need to create also a new field on option pages then a on ACF color field for pages and on on ACF color field for menu items.

    At the beginning I would like to create only one field for pages and menu with as much colors as I want, that’s why I choose a repeater field.
    I can tell to the client “you have 5 colors for your menu items and your pages and that’s all” ;-).

    For this project I can test your solution, but I’m curious on the fact to populate avec save an option field ;-).

    I’ll keep you in touch.