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  • I don’t have a great solution here but just wanted to add that I think I’m experiencing the same problem. Last week, a subfield of a Group field wouldn’t display on the frontend (either in the browser or when debugging variables). I was able to get it to show by installing a version of ACF that was a point version below the current, then upgrading again to the current version. It’s super hacky and not something I’m hoping to have to do again, and not something I want to replicate on the live site for my current project.

    I’m now experiencing a similar issue (maybe same?) with a Flexible Content field. Old layouts and subfields work just fine. But the new subfields of a new layout won’t display in the template or when debugging.

    I’m beginning to wonder if there’s an issue with the plugin in cases where subfields are necessary (Group fields, Repeater fields, Flexible Content fields, etc.)