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  • I have recently found something new that might help those looking to prevent multiple revisions. Please note that I have not tested this and it is just speculation at this time.

    This filter in WP is called just before saving a post revision

    $post_has_changed = (bool) apply_filters( 'wp_save_post_revision_post_has_changed', $post_has_changed, $last_revision, $post );

    So, using this hook you could

    add_filter('wp_save_post_revision_post_has_changed', 'my_prevent_post_revisions', 10, 3);
    function my_prevent_post_revisions($post_has_changed, $last_revision, $post) {
      // here you can do some checking
      // for example if you only want to prevent revisions on a specific post type
      // return false to prevent post revision
      return $post_has_changed;

    Then in your filter or function where you want the revision to be saved

    // remove the prevent post revision filter
    remove_filter('wp_save_post_revision_post_has_changed', 'my_prevent_post_revisions', 10);
    // update the post
    // add the filter again
    add_filter('wp_save_post_revision_post_has_changed', 'my_prevent_post_revisions', 10, 3);

    If anyone has a chance to test this let us know.