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  • Sounds good, thanks for the quick response!

    I ended up diagnosing the issue by doing a diff of all changes between 5.9.1 and 5.9.2, and slowly reverting changes back to 5.9.1 until I saw the problem disappear. Here’s the gist of just the relevant changes, if needed:

    It looks like you were refactoring to better split up changes to options vs. meta, by relying on the existence of "update_{$type}_meta to determine whether to do a meta update or an options update.

    If you want to keep that style, you can maybe use if ( get_meta_table( $type ) ) instead, and then follow with a call to update_metadata( $type, ... ) if it’s true, and update_option() if not. (Similar for the get and delete variants.)

    Looks like that’s how core does the check in update_metadata():