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  • Alright guys, so i have a little thing i found and i think it’s an issue with some wpml settings (this is probably why @elliot can’t replicate), but i’m still trying to figure which one.

    So, on gallery.php, on format_value method, $value variable contains correct IDs:

    Array ( [0] => 245 [1] => 243 [2] => 241 [3] => 239 [4] => 237 [5] => 235 )


    // find attachments (DISTINCT POSTS)
    $attachments = get_posts(array(
      'post__in' => $value,

    Is returning completelly different ids, disregarding post__in option: 235, 237 and so on. Then, when trying to apply the custom ordering, each key is not found (obviously!). This is always happening, no matter how suppress_filters is set.

    Still digin, maybe i find something more. Just wanted to add an update here, maybe someone have a better idea 🙂

    ( also i decided to close this, since is a duplicate: )