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  • I am using elementor but i was using the ACF shortcode like you use it in wordpress so elementor isnt a problem.

    Im new to ACF, so i was trying to understand how to create a clickable link. Looking at the field types in ACF, URL looks like the one you use for someone to fill in a url and then on the front end it appears for someone to click on.
    But looking at your answer on the post i linked, it seems otherwise, plus your answer saying…

    “Just a little off topic, but I don’t use URL fields much. I basically always use a text field. URL fields are too limiting. I want to allow users to enter any valid href value, so I use a text field and then add custom validation to to it.”

    So reading the original post and then your reply to it, sounds like you use a text field with some custom code to allow users to fill in a url in the backend for it to display on the frontend of the website and allow visitors to click it, am i right in thinking this?