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  • The issue is that you’re using elementor. I do not use elementor or any other tool/plugin that does my coding for me. If I want to use a field as a link I open the php file where it will be used and add something like

    <a href="<?php the_field('my-url-field'); ?>">Link Text Here</a>

    ACF does not have anything built in that will do this for me.

    When using another tool to do coding for you then any questions related to how to use a particular field should be addressed to the author of that tool.

    As far as using a text field or some other type of field, I do not know how the person in the other thread managed to use a text field, because, again, I don’t use elementor. You might want to try posting a comment in that thread and asking him for more information about how it was done. He does supply a link to get more information from.