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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for the speedy response.

    The field groups do already exist on the site I am publishing from. Although they do have different field keys.

    The repeater field key is field_5d14dda3d0dcc.
    The repeater sub field key is field_5d14ddb4d0dcd.

    Do these keys need to be the same across the multisites?

    The way we’re building our repeater array is shown here:

    //this is done before we use switch_to_blog()
    $downloads = get_field('downloads', $original_post->ID, false) 
    $repeater_values = [];
    foreach ($downloads as $download) {
         $repeater_values[]['field_5df8e6a37e4c1'] = $download['field_5d14ddb4d0dcd']; //meta key of the sub field. first key is the target site, second key is current site.