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  • This is the code embedded in the page:

    [acf_repeater field="file_listcovid2" sub_fields="thumbnail,description,file_upload,file_type"]
     <table style="width:100%">
        <th>Download Link</th>
        <th>File type</th>
        <td><img src="%thumbnail%"/></td>
    <a href="%file_upload%">Download file</a>

    It should put out a table that has a thumbnail and a download link like the attached image, but instead it will put out a table that has no working thumbnail repeater field. When you check the source code in the Chrome Inspector while looking at the messed up field, it shows the beginning of the output is “img src= unknown” which tells me it cannot properly get the link to the image for some reason. When I check the console for the working, correct code that is on the dev site currently, it shows this:

    <img src="">

    Another odd thing is that on non-working pages with multiple tables using repeater fields setup via an Options page, all of the fields with thumbnails will say “img src= “unknown” and then the Download File link will share the same PDF- for all the tables on the page. Something programmatic seems to be off, but it’s very hard to track it down.

    I also wanted to throw in- this works on a dev site we made it on, but failed to work upon putting the site in Multisite. We did make sure only the plugins and themes used by the dev were enabled, and verified all other site functionality and other ACF Pro functionality works. All other ACF and Options Page functions on other multisites work.