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  • John,
    thank you for your help, I’ve been visiting the forums often and your posts have been very helpful to me so far.

    I realize that the problem derives from the fact that each repeater subfield can only have a specific set of choices, but I wonder why – hopefully the plugin is extended to support this.. at least target something.

    The function you are describing would be great, as long as I can target what you describe as {DYNAMIC SELECT FIELD NAME}. How do you target this?

    Other than that, populating the field like this is not causing any issues with non-repeater fields, so it might not be a problem here either.

    The way I am using to populate the select field (in non-repeater fields) so it includes the necessary choices, is something like you proposed.. I use a $_GET variable with the post_id and using this I retrieve the manufacturer selection; after that I populate using the prepare_field and the json file – so, when the field is rendered, it already includes the saved model in its choices.

    For the repeater field the closest I can get to is to use the post_id and loop all selected manufacturers and create a choice-list that includes the sum of all manufacturers… which is not what I want.

    The alternative is simply to run a JS function and populate all select fields individually, but this happens client-side and is somewhat heavy.

    So essentially the question is… how can I target individually a select field at a specific repeater row using something like what you proposed – {DYNAMIC SELECT FIELD NAME}?