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  • I can only confirm this issue – I registeres the Restricted block from the docs as well as a minimal block with just an <InnerBlocks /> element, but when I insert them in the editor, I see no editable content area. No errors, no cache issue.

    When I inspect the DOM, this is the HTML that is displayed for this block:

    <div aria-label="Block: Restricted" role="group" id="block-e7e75935-f1de-4cca-82f7-53a85e043e73" class="block-editor-block-list__block wp-block is-selected wp-block" data-block="e7e75935-f1de-4cca-82f7-53a85e043e73" data-type="acf/restricted" data-title="Restricted" tabindex="0"><div class="acf-block-component acf-block-body"><div><div class="acf-block-preview"></div></div></div></div>