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  • I var_dump the object:

    $field = get_field_object('brand');

    And below is what I have got, the value is herman jansen: HERMAN JANSEN, that’s what showed up on my front end every time, what code should I use to only show “HERMAN JANSEN”?

    array(17) { 
    ["key"]=> string(19) "field_533221abdb3be" 
    ["label"]=> string(5) "Brand" 
    ["name"]=> string(5) "brand" 
    ["_name"]=> string(5) "brand" 
    ["type"]=> string(6) "select" 
    ["order_no"]=> int(3) 
    ["instructions"]=> string(0) "" 
    ["required"]=> int(0) 
    ["id"]=> string(15) "acf-field-brand" 
    ["class"]=> string(6) "select" 
    ["conditional_logic"]=> array(3) { 
    	["status"]=> int(0) 
    	["rules"]=> array(1) { 
    		[0]=> array(2) { 
    			["field"]=> string(4) "null"
    			 ["operator"]=> string(2) "==" } } 
    		["allorany"]=> string(3) "all" } 
    ["choices"]=> array(4) { 
    	["BOLS"]=> string(4) "BOLS" 
    	["HERMAN JANSEN"]=> string(13) "HERMAN JANSEN" 
    	["WARNICKS"]=> string(9) "WARNICK'S" 
    	["CARLTON BLACK"]=> string(13) "CARLTON BLACK" } 
    ["default_value"]=> string(0) "" 
    ["allow_null"]=> int(0) 
    ["multiple"]=> int(0) 
    ["field_group"]=> int(140) 
    ["value"]=> string(28) "herman jansen: HERMAN JANSEN" }