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  • thanks for your reply.
    i am using a plugin to get my xml feed and there is no way (nothing that i have found at least) that i can edit a php file and modify my export.

    thats why i was trying to come up with alternatives.
    it seems my only options is to edit the mysql db directly…yet again is not the “correct” approach.

    at the end of the day the goal was
    export XML
    property ProductID=ProductID OR if is Empty then ProductID=”CBC-“&& ProductSKU.
    and since i dont have that “dynamic” attribute option in my plugin, i thought maybe i can use ACF to make an “intermediate” field publish it with the information i need and then use that in my xml.

    so yeah is not 100% related to your tool, i was just trying to use your plugin to get into this alternative :/

    thanks again for your time.
    if you have any “ideas” to achieve this with ACF and some mysql sample code to try out and update the ACF fild, would be appreciated.