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  • So here’s some insight into another part of this glitch.
    I’m running a staging site that has the normal wordpress debug=true on it for develelopmental purposes.
    Right now i have an error showing up in the header of my wp-admin for some other plugin that has update issues.

    But when I do an export of fields from the staging site – to transfer them to the live site – it comes up with an ‘Import file empty.” message.

    So when i look at the json file, the debug error that i had on my staging site is at the top of the json file, meaning its messing the whole file up and won’t upload.

    This is using the latest ACF Pro version, just FYI.

    Weird glitch, but hopefully this helps anyone else out.

    All i had to do is remove the text lines from the json file – up til the first ‘[‘ bracket, and then it would upload fine.