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  • Is there any thought about adding this functionality into the core of ACF? Saving field groups to the same location from which they were loaded would make life way easier for all these instances where things use ACF separately but are in active development together, such as site-specific plugins that are developed at the same time as a theme.

    Perhaps there could be two directories, like acf-json and acf-json-sync, where acf-json would be the distribution directory and acf-json-sync would be the development directory. Files in acf-json would not be editable and only be loaded if acf-json-sync does not exist. Files in acf-json-sync would take priority if they exist, and field groups loaded from there would be editable, syncable, etc. Field groups would be saved back to the same acf-json-sync directory they were loaded from as well as to the neighboring acf-json directory. That way we could develop with the GUI normally and then simply exclude the acf-json-sync directory in the distribution version of the plugin/theme.

    Or perhaps one directory and some other way to tell ACF whether it’s dealing with a dev or dist version, whatever works best.

    Other than that there could just be a dropdown select in the field group settings where we could select from the available save locations.

    In any case… seems like this all could be a bit more development-friendly.