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  • Hi @airesvsg

    I have installed your plugin in the hope to use it to fetch ACF data and set it accordingly.

    I am can confirm the plugin is activated as I get the end points / routes when I use the URL.

    However when I go to try and list all data for my custom post type “agents” I get a no such route. I used your endpoint from the endpoints guide /wp-json/acf/v3/{post-type}

    So for me this was and I get a response:

        "code": "rest_no_route",
        "message": "No route was found matching the URL and request method",
        "data": {
            "status": 404

    This is the same for all my custom post_types.

    Did I miss something basic in the installation? Do I need to add something to my functions.php or add filters in there?

    Any help would be great as if the plugin was to work it would be a real benefit.