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  • I’ve been having this issue for some time. I’m skeptical that it’s due to a plugin conflict or my theme, but I haven’t totally ruled it out.

    I went in to edit the field group, which is correctly showing the “Save Custom” toggle turned on. Then I looked at the HTML source for the editing screen:

    <div class="acf-true-false">
    	<input type="hidden" name="acf_fields[39393][save_custom]" value="0"/>	<label>
    		<input type="checkbox" id="acf_fields-39393-save_custom" name="acf_fields[39393][save_custom]" value="1" class="acf-switch-input" autocomplete="off" checked="checked"/>
    		<div class="acf-switch -on"><span class="acf-switch-on">Yes</span><span class="acf-switch-off">No</span><div class="acf-switch-slider"></div></div>		<span class="message">Save 'custom' values to the field's choices</span>	</label>

    Shouldn’t the hidden field have a value of “1”? How could this be due to a plugin conflict?

    *EDIT* Now that I look more closely, the checkbox input and the hidden input both have the same name attribute. This seems like a problem. Why is the hidden field even there?