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  • I’m seeing the same issue, but this is strictly on the admin area when editing a post. This is the error i get:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 32 bytes) in /Users/matthewlane/Dropbox/Work/Websites (MAMP)/Commercial/ on line 231

    Now, this has literally just occurred for me, i added a new repeater into one of my field groups already created (i have around 90 other field groups, with a few repeaters in those as well) at most i have only 6-8 field groups active at a time with no more than 3 repeaters within those groups (6 groups, max 3 repeaters at any one time).

    The field groups are being used on my own custom post types, and up until this point have all been fine. I’ve raised my PHP memory limit right up to 1024m and increased the script timeout to 60 – to be honest I would rather they were back to some acceptable defaults – mind you neither is having any effect.

    I am running this right now on my local mamp server, so its not online as if i can’t get this running locally no point in going online with lower defaults for memory and script timeout.

    Any suggestions – as i said this is only while editing a post, and after adding a single additional repeater to one of my field groups.

    Am i pushing ACF to far with so many groups – but considering what i have seen others suggest they have done (google told me…) I’m not even close to that.

    Thanks in advance.