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  • Thanks for your reply John.

    I managed to make this work with the following code:

    add_filter('acf/save_post', 'gallery_to_thumbnail',11,11);
    function gallery_to_thumbnail($post_id) {
    $gallery = get_field('images', $post_id, false);
    if (!empty($gallery)) {
    $image_id = $gallery[0];
    set_post_thumbnail($post_id, $image_id);

    I realised my issue isn’t with setting the featured image but setting the og:image based on the featured image for which I am using Yoast plugin. This only works once I update a post rather than create one.

    I know Yoast has a filter but I am unsure how to set it using the gallery field, any ideas would be greatly appreciated:

    add_filter('wpseo_opengraph_image', 'og_image');
    function og_image($image) {
        global $post;
        if (get_field('feature_image', $post->ID)) {
            $image = base_image_url(get_field('feature_image', $post->ID), null); 
        return $image;