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  • Okay John, this really helped a lot and pointed me in the right direction. After some testing I managed to get it working, however I do not understand why it works… My process:

    1) I implemented exactly as you suggested. However nothing happened..
    2) I thought it might be that the day_post array was not filled correctly so I tried printing that using print_r

    Using wp_update_post:

    $my_post = array ();
    	'ID'		=> $relatie,
    	'post_content'	=> $day_post. '<br>' . $relatie );

    3) I started checking whether this was an issue of scope so put the declaration of the day_post outside of the function, but it did not make a difference

    4) Then I checked whether it had something to do with how print_r worked and made sure it was a returned value:

    $results = print_r($day_posts, true);
    $results1 = print_r($relatieID, true);
    	$my_post = array ();
    		'ID'		=> $relatie,
    		'post_content'	=> $results . '<br>' . $relatie . '<br>' . $results1);

    This actually showed that $day_post was filled correctly and that $relatie also was the correct input post.

    5) only then I saw that it had already worked! However I had no idea why so I started tracing back. Long story short: adding a `wp_update_post’ with an empty array did the trick. I suspect it has something to do with priority of what’s loaded on the page or something… but really have no idea.

    Final working code:

    $day_posts = array();
    	 foreach ($week as $weekday) {
    		$PostID = wp_insert_post(array(
    			'post_title' 	=> $latestpost[0]->post_title . ': ' . $weekday,
    			'post_type'	=> 'palaver',
    			'query_var'	=> true
    		$day_posts[] = $PostID;
    		wp_set_object_terms($PostID, $CatTermID, 'gebied');
    		$my_post = array ();
    		update_field('field_5eea245f36217', $day_posts, $relatie);

    If you can shed any light on this John (just because I’m interested in undertanding what’s actually happening), that would be awesome. If you have better things to do I also understand 😉 Muchas Gracias! 🙂