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  • Add this filter to functions.php. It removes the src attribute value and add a data-src-defer

    	// defer loading of videos
    	function defer_video_src_to_data($data, $url, $args) {
    		$data = preg_replace('/(src="([^\"\']+)")/', 'src="" data-src-defer="$2"', $data);
    		return $data;
    	} // end function defer_video_src_to_data
    	add_filter('oembed_result', 'defer_video_src_to_data', 99, 3);
    	add_filter('embed_oembed_html', 'defer_video_src_to_data', 99, 3);

    then add this javascript to your site which resets the src value after the page is loaded

    	// load defered videos
    		$(window).load(function(e) {
    			$('[data-src-defer]').each(function(index, element) {
    				$(element).attr('src', $(element).attr('data-src-defer'));