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  • Hi @palmiak,

    It’s not really documented in ACF but I found this thread where Steffi explain how to declare block styles with acf_register_block_type() :

    I took a closer look at your plugin and manage to integrate styles.
    Styles could be declared on a single line and separated with an underscore like this :

      Title: Bouton
      Description: Theme button
      Styles: btn--primary,Primary _btn--primary--sm,Primary S _btn--basic,Basic _btn--basic--sm,Basic S

    Each style is then exploded to be declared as a php array in your plugin :

    // Support styles
    if ( ! empty( $file_headers['styles'] ) ) {
    	$data['styles'] = array();
    	// Styles exploding with underscore '_'
    	$style = explode('_', $file_headers['styles']);
    	foreach ($style as &$value) {
    		// Styles data exploding with comma ',' 
    		// [1]=slug [2]=label
    		$style_data = explode(',', $value);
    		array_push($data['styles'], array('name' => $style_data[0],'label' => $style_data[1]));			

    I didn’t manage to make “isDefault’ style works but there seems to be a bug here with acf_register_block_type().