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  • A thought about ACF and Gutenberg:
    Site creators and editors (not specifically developers) are using ACF for creating backend fields. I often see questions about the last step in the process – either setting up the php template or creating a block for displaying the ACF content in the front end. Which brought me to the thought of a multi-use/dynamic ACF GB block that can display the content of the ACF fields in the front end without the need for coding a GB block or a PHP template.
    This would be a native ACF block, bundled as part of the plugin. The user, after creating the ACF fields in the ACF admin would then populate the content in the editor screen and then open up the ACF GB block from withing the block editor, select from a dropdown the field he wants to display and that’s it – the content would be shown on the page. No need to create a php template or a custom block. One block can display any ACF created content.
    For each element in the ACF GB block there will be the core GB controls (color, size, alignment etc…). These are pretty raw thoughts, I’m sure they can be improved.
    Does this make sense? Has this been created already?
    Here is a sketched flow of the process.
    ACF Dynamic Block
    Image here: