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  • Hi there. Hoping someone can help!

    I have a issue with flexible content fields.

    So i’ve created one, with a bunch of options.

    I’ve gone into the database, copied out the fields it generates (including the _ key fields and the flexible content one itself (has: a:1:{i:0;s:36:”content_panel_accommodation_features”;}) inside.

    Now when I to the insert into the post_meta table it works (other then for some reason add_post_meta adding s:xx( to the start of the json string for that field). But got around that with WPDB.

    However, when you view the editor page, it shows up all the fields, however on the template it doesn’t appear to have saved it correctly (as it’s showing up all the fields as arrays in a var dump).

    This get’s corrected when i click ‘update’ on the post… but need it to work without needing to do that.. any ideas?