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  • Hey Darren,

    Two stages to this, first of all create a function that will add the suffix to the number, so in your theme’s functions.php file add the following:

    function add_suffix( $n ) { $suffix = date( 'S', mktime( 1, 1, 1, 1, ( (($n>=10)+($n%100>=20)+($n==0))*10 + $n%10) )); return $n . $suffix; }

    Then amend your code in the post/page by removing the line echo $interval->y. ‘ Year of Service’;

    And then replace it with the two following lines:
    $interval_with_suffix = add_suffix( $interval->y );
    echo $interval_with_suffix . ' Year of Service';

    I hope this helps, it’s been semi-tested, but no guarantees.

    If you’re interested in learning about the suffix function there’s a detailed answer here. Credit to Andrew Kozak for the solution I’ve just modified the function slightly to return the original number as well as the suffix.

    Cheers, Dan