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  • I have been searching Google and ACF for a possible solution but cannot find anything that works completely.

    Basically, I have set up an ACF repeater named coupon_directory which includes subfields named coupon_number and expiry_date.

    I want to create a basic form that will take the value of a text field and validate whether it exists as a coupon_number within the coupon_directory repeater.

    I would also like to check if the expiry_date associated with the coupon_number is before the current date (ie. the date the form is submitted).

    If the text input matches a coupon_number and is entered before the expiry_date then I want to print a ‘success’ message.

    If the coupon_number doesn’t exist in the repeater or the expiry_date has passed, I would like to print a ‘failed’ message.

    I have gotten this (kinda) working via the below PHP code, however would really like to know how I can achieve this via AJAX in order to stop the page reload and remove the search term from appearing in my URL as ?result=SAMPLEINPUT

    <form class="coupon-form" action="" method="GET">
      <label>Enter Number</label>
      <input type="text" name="result" id="result" value="">
      <?php if (isset($_GET['result'])) : $result = $_GET['result'];
        while (have_rows('coupon_directory')) : the_row();
          $coupon = get_sub_field('coupon_number');
          $expiry = get_sub_field('expiry_date');
          if ($result == $coupon && $expiry < date('F j, y')) :
            $found = true;
          elseif ($result == $coupon && $expiry > date('F j, y')) :
            $found = false;
          elseif ($result !== $coupon) :
            $found = false;
        if ($found) : echo 'Success'; elseif (!$found) : echo 'Failed'; endif;
      endif; ?>

    If anyone can help lead me in the right direction or map out how I can validate this input again ACF fields via AJAX that would be greatly appreciated!