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  • As for the developer not being here, he does not visit the forums much if at all. That’s why I’m here so that he can devote more time to working on ACF. I do my best to answer what I can and hope that other users can answer the questions I can’t. The support tickets submitted go to other people, and unfortunately I think that E is not having much luck at keeping skilled people to help him there, so he’s dealing with those himself the way he used to deal with this forum himself until I came along. This is likely why it takes so much time to get responses to tickets. I imagine that he get many of them every day and can’t keep up.

    To answer, why not go that way with the repeater field. This would mean treating a text field in a repeater differently than a text field that isn’t in a repeater. The repeater is just a wrapper that creates recursion. The only difference in ACF between these two things is that the one in the repeater has a parent field and the field name is prefixed when saving to the DB. This is what gives ACF the ability to nest fields infinitely. Without recursion it would be much more complicated to accomplish this.