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  • I don’t think so.

    You’re also assuming people should understand that when they might not, depending on their instruction level. I tend to deal with people with low to medium tech education — sorry if here in Brazil things don’t go as fast as people on north might be used to, and not everyone is comfortable with a computer, we can blame a lot of factors for it, but I think this is not the point here, right?

    UX embraces a lot of fields and demographics is one of the most important because it impacts on user behaviour, education and feelings. A computer interface is not usual for every person and feels different for each one. I had to deal with a 80+ y.o. clients more than once and sorry to disappoint you, they don’t get things so easily.

    I won’t extend this discussion, as I said, ACF blocks for Gutenberg has made this process a bit less necessary.

    Hope sometime it’ll be easier to make things easier.

    Thanks for your attention.