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  • Hi,
    I’m importing names into acf fields of existing posts. The source is an xml utf8-formated.
    I use a name-field from my source for all three fields in my repeater.

    Name – textfield Herbert Schmidt Herbert Schmidt
    Link – linkfield Herbert Schmidt
    Image – imagefield Herbert Schmidt

    “normal” names work fine. I get the Name, I get the url from the existing page und I get the connection to the existing image.

    But names with “umlaute” / special characters like ä,ö,ü, do not work for the link and the image.

    Name – textfield Herbert Müller Herbert Müller
    Link – linkfield Herbert Mller or Herbert M-xFC-ller
    Image – imagefield Herbert Mller or Herbert M-xFC-ller

    But I need Herbert Muller or Herbert Mueller to connect with the existing files…

    I tried the sanitize-function but it does not work either. I cannot connect the new post with the existing image and page.
    When I edit the link-field in my imported post, I can search the name with the special character and it works fine.

    What do I get wrong during the import? Thanks.