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  • Update:

    So my example above works great and it’s nice moving forward to know that conditions key is there when you need it.

    However, I’ve ran into an issue during testing where when I have a field with these settings, and I duplicate that field, it still works great, BUT… When I duplicate the field, and then duplicate the newly duplicated field, the newest field I duplicated doesn’t fire the show/hide from the conditionals.

    For example:
    Field 1 (saved in db) -> duplicated to Field 2 (not saved yet) [Field 2 conditionals work]
    Then: Field 2 (still unsaved) -> duplicated to Field 3 (also not saved yet) [Field 3 conditional don’t remove hidden attributes from the hidden fields when toggled to]

    I’ll post a solution if I find or create one. I may move a different direction on this project though. But just be aware if your using the conditions key.