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  • This is the code I ended up with based on what I assumed the structure should be:

    $items = get_field('add_to_collection');
    	if($items) {
    		foreach ($items as $i) {
    		$artists = get_field('fan_artist', $i->ID);
    		$size = 'lisf_thumbnail';
    			if($items) {
    			$collected_artists= array();
    				foreach ($items as $item) {
    					if (!is_array($item->ID, $collected_artists)) {
    					$collected_artists[] = $item->ID;
    	if ($collected_artists) {
    		foreach ($collected_artists as $artist_id) {
    		echo get_permalink($artist_id->ID); echo get_the_post_thumbnail($artist_id->ID, $size);
    		echo get_permalink($artist_id->ID); echo get_the_title($artist_id->ID); 

    I’m sure it’s wrong but I can’t necessarily figure out why. It’s outputting the data for the Collection itself instead of the Fan Artist for one, no matter which return format I use.

    Also, I refer directly to the Fan Artist relationship in the $artists variable but don’t repeat it further down, as in your code you have $items/$artist_id

    When using the brackets system for if statements etc, it also won’t let me use html within the code. How can I use html with this formatting?

    Lastly, I’m getting this PHP warning too:

    “Warning: is_array() expects exactly 1 parameter, 2 given in… etc”

    I’m sure it’s getting close but, as I say, I just need help with the formatting/structure because I can’t figure it out so I’d really appreciate it if you could post full code for how you think it should be.

    Thanks a lot.