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  • Hi John, if by “before and after” you mean that I should use this code before the first switch to blog and then after the last one, then that’s what I’ve done here:

    The first ID is 256 which is the page linked above. The ID 277 is from the Coffee Job Berlin post which is the last post being pulled in on the right hand side of the page. So it would appear that my code for getting posts from three different subdomains (thats the coworking, consulting and coffee job berlin links on the right hand side) is not fully resetting back to the current site?

    Confused by your note “ACF will be using the current post ID here”. Everything I read said that switchtoblog is for getting the SITE ID, not post ID. And that restoreblog is for switching back to the SITE ID where the current page is.

    Very much appreciate your insights!