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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    For Second problem, regarding data is being saved under wp_options table, now i am using acf/pre_save_post filter instead of acf/save_post filter. Now it’s work properly. Now no more data is being saved in wp_options table.

    For First issue, i still have some confusion, where do i write below code, i meant to say in which hook do i write code ?

    // Create a new user
    	if ( 'create_user' === $post_id )
    		$user_name 		= sanitize_text_field($_POST['acf']['field_5e42850b5b270']);
    		$user_email 	= sanitize_email($_POST['acf']['field_5e4282dbd4ddd']);
    		$user_password 	= sanitize_text_field($_POST['acf']['field_5e4284f25b26f']);
    		$new_user_id 	= wp_insert_user(array(
    							            'first_name' => $user_name,
    							            'user_email' => $user_email,
    							            'user_login' => $user_email,
    							            'user_pass'  => $user_password,
    							            'role'       => 'subscriber'
        	if( is_wp_error( $new_user_id ) )
        		$error_string = $new_user_id->get_error_message();
       			echo '<div id="message" class="error"><p>' . $error_string . '</p></div>';
        		return true;

    Because as you mentioned that to validate field, we need to use acf/validate_value filter for all fields. Because we don’t know at what circumstances wp_insert_user() function will return error.
    So my question is that when using acf/pre_save_post filter, if any error occur runtime inside wp_insert_user() function, then how can we show error message ?