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  • Yeah, it didn’t work for me straight away. In my installation js was cached on WP level and on browser level.
    So clean all you caches and ensure the new version of input.min.js is loaded on post edit page.
    And yes I’m using Repeater field but not Flexible Content so I guess Flexible Content has its own set of problems which might have an impact.
    The issue with JS performance is not completely fixed though anyway.
    After adding like 10 repeater fields with 1-3 nested repeater sub-fields each the edit page loads terribly slow (on JS level). It can take 20 sec or more for JS to stop calculating whatever it is calculating before I can interact with the page.
    Also time to add new Repeater increases with every added field. Increase is not exponential but it gets longer and longer to add each new field.
    The same with conditional logic. They are fast when you start adding fields but after you have a few fields the lag is noticeable and is increasing with every added field.