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  • I had the same issue… Took me hours to figure it out. I can’t believe there’s no one else that has this problem…

    I had put acf_register_form right before the acf_form call just like you based on a previous example that I had found. But after I updated ACF, this no longer worked.

    I finally re-checked ACF’s documentation about how you’re supposed to set it up here:

    Apparently you can no longer call acf_register_form right before acf_form. You need to call it via the acf/init action and put that in your functions.php file. Do that and presto, it works again!

    My guess is that it happened at version 5.8.5 back in October 2019 with this:
    New – Optimized acf_form() logic when used in combination with acf_register_form().