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  • I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I also use clone fields extensively. As an example I will use the example @pedrorivera gave. By reading it I am guessing that there is a title, a link and a block of text.

    I would first create a field group, this group would have these three fields

    • Title
    • Content
    • Link

    Then when I cloned this field group I would create a “Group” field if only one can be entered, or a “Repeater” if multiple entries can be made. This group of fields would have a label and instructions that pertain to the use of the first field group in that specific instance. This could be “Links”, “Bios” or whatever other thing could use this setup.

    More than likely these “Group” fields would also be a field group that could be cloned and then I would clone each of these were I need to use them.

    I have many, many field groups. I start with the basics of what I am doing today and when I find a new use for a specific set of fields I break them out into a new clonable group. The other thing I always keep in mind when creating fields is “Could there be a different use for them?” if the answer to this is yes then I plan ahead by building the fields so that I can, if I choose, break them out into their own group to be cloned later on.