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  • There aren’t any plugins that I’m aware of that will do this and I can’t really point you do any examples. It would require building custom JS to add to the admin. You’d have to trigger an action when the text field us changed and then you’d have to loop through the repeater rows and hide of show rows based on that.

    Here’s a rough, basic example, but there’s no promise it will work. I’m sure I’m not thinking of everything.

      if (typeof acf === 'undefined') {
      // add event to your text field
      // field_XXXXXX represents the field key of your text field
      $(document).on('change', '[data-key="field_XXXXXX"] .acf-input input', function(e) {
        // get the acf field
        var field = acf.getField('field_XXXXXX');
        // get value
        var value = field.val();
        // field_YYYYYY represents your repeater field
        $('[data-key="field_YYYYYY"] .acf-row').each(function(index, row) {
          // field_ZZZZZZ represents the sub field key that you're checking
          $(row).find('[data-key="field_ZZZZZZ"] .acf-input input').each(function(sub_index, sub_element) {
            var sub_value = $(sub_element).val();
            if (value == sub_value) {
              // I'm not sure about this display value, just guessing
              $(row).css('display', 'table-row');
            } else {
               $(row).css('display', 'none');