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  • I placed the above code in a template file and it broke the template. The data is coming from a field added to a user’s profile. While editing the profile on user-edit.php, I can see that the data has successfully saved.

    The problem is that the hide/unhide code referenced in my original post doesn’t really pull and unhide the data and its label.

    <?php if( get_field('street_address_address') ): ?>
    	<p>My real address:  <?php the_field('street_address_address'); ?></p>
    	<?php endif; ?>

    The code above shows how I’ve coded my template. If it were to work, it should say:
    My real address: 4027 e. kyle

    But instead nothing shows. Here is the actual page:

    The label and data should show up under the photo/ID #.